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Arcon’s automation lets you drastically cuts down employee scheduling time, maximize productivity, control labor costs, reduce overtime, stay in compliance and keep everyone on track.

Schedule faster and smarter while controlling costs

Schedule faster and smarter while controlling costs

Build your employees' schedules within minutes, manage time off and availability, swap shifts with another employee, void exceeding your budget and overtime, reduce absenteeism and late arrivals, and get notified of overlapping shifts or double-booking.

Stay in compliance with Federal and State regulations

Stay in compliance with Federal and State regulations

States like California have strict requirements on Meal and Break laws. Arcon makes sure schedules are in compliance with all state and federal laws. Arcon will keep these regulations up-to-date without our clients having to perform any upgrades.

Review and modify schedules anywhere, anytime

Review and modify schedules anywhere, anytime

Arcon supports both Web applications and native mobile support on iOS and Android. Employees can review their schedules on their smartphone with notifications if there is any update. Managers can modify and update leave requests at their fingertips, too.

All companies have their unique requirements

We understand no two companies are the same. While Arcon works well for many of our clients out-of-the-box, we also understand the importance of having the ability to customize the system to meet your specific needs. All major Arcon’s features are configured without coding And because Arcon is built using API architecture, our clients have the option to custom build a unique user experience that is specific to them.

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"The partnership and support provided by the team at Arcon is the best I have seen in my many years of experience in the industry. They truly take the time to understand our business and created a unique solution to meet all our scheduling needs. I highly recommend this platform for anyone looking to improve their scheduling efficiency."

Steve DiDomenico

Dir, Process Management

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Arcon is built by a team of technologists with years of experience serving many of the largest companies around the world

Contact us now. Our team would love to create a unique scheduling experience for your company.

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